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The island Utes
General Information:
On this island a monastery existed until 1923. Then the Communists expelled all the monks of this monastery in Siberia. All the property of the monastery was given a fishing farm, which was founded in the same year. Later, a frontier was organized there. The 2nd Helicopter Squadron of a southern border detachment of the CDF was based there. This outpost was captured by the ChDKZ.
Author: Master
Description: The terrain modification
Requirements: No add-ons required
Release: Coming soon
The Chernarus
General Information:
First settlements date back to 5th Century B.C. When the valleys of the Burnaja and Svetlaya rivers were inhabited by Skyth tribes and nomads, who later formed the Takmyr and Karzeg nations. The center of modern Chernarus had been founded in the delta of the Burnaya River and on the coast, divided from the Zagorie region which was under the supremacy of a Moscow Principate by the Black Mountains ridge.
The local Slavic population constantly had to fight off the raiders from the southwest so it was traditionally bound with Russia, but always kept its independence. In the 12th Century it was controlled by dukes, in the 13th century it was united by Taras Kozub. The Kozub dynasty ruled until 1631, when Chernarus joined the Russian empire. After the revolution in 1917 Chernarus became an ChSSR, after the demise of the USSR in 1991 it gained independence.
Author: Master
Description: The terrain modification
Requirements: No add-ons required
Release: Coming soon
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