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A support for the BI Community

The GameSpy has discontinued its services and due to this reason Bohemia Interactive (BI) have offered an alternative for the BI Community. BI has released the update 1.63 for ArmA 2: Operation Arrowhead (see changelog). Besides the fixes and optimizations, the update focuses on the transition of the multiplayer online support from GameSpy to Steam services. Because the Steam based matchmaking requires Steam client software, this update is only available via Steam website. If you have purchased a retail copy of the ArmA 2 series, you can activate all the CD-keys, including DLCs and Operation Arrowhead expansion, on Steam website. (see walkthrough).

For the other game titles affected by the GameSpy service shutdown, but not updated to work with Steam services, and also for those players who wish to stay with the retail version of the game titles, BI have implemented the Server Browser for hosting and connecting to servers without the GameSpy services. Here server owners may add their servers and players may use the IP addresses to connect to them. Also BI have added articles for each game to Support website and as always the technical support staff is ready to help via e-mail

Multiplayer Online Mode | Transitions: 429 | Added by: Master | Date: 2015-01-18

Projects for ArmA Series

Utilities | Transitions: 377 | Added by: Master | Date: 2014-06-11

Content Development

Manuals | Transitions: 634 | Added by: Master | Date: 2013-12-19

The ArmA 3 Development
ArmA3 News | Transitions: 877 | Added by: Master | Date: 2013-12-12

The development hub for ArmA Series

DLC | Transitions: 431 | Date: 2013-06-23

ArmA Series AddOns
Mods | Transitions: 337 | Added by: Deadfast | Date: 2013-06-17

Development of ArmA series (German)
Libraries | Transitions: 564 | Added by: Master | Date: 2013-05-29

Notepad++ Text Editor for scripting 
Applications | Transitions: 317 | Added by: Master | Date: 2013-05-26


ArmA3 News | Transitions: 405 | Added by: Master | Date: 2013-05-24


ArmA2 News | Transitions: 366 | Added by: Master | Date: 2013-05-24

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