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In 1991, the Soviet Union ceased to exist. The former Soviet Republic Chernarus is formed as independent state. The Communist Party of the Chernarus split into two factions, the so-called "liberals" and "conservatives".

"Liberals" represent the upper part of the state and the party hierarchy. They are interested in personal wealth using the power. They announced the dissolution of the Communist Party of Chernarus to eliminate the communist ideology of public policy.

"Conservatives" represent the lower part of the state and the party hierarchy. They are dissatisfied with the actions of the liberals, who deprived them of social privilege.
The fall of the communist dictatorship strengthened the process of national revival leaded the National Party.

Economic crisis led to a political crisis. Political elections were held in spring of 1993. The National Party won the elections. So-called liberals combined with so-called conservatives to fight against Democrats. They colluded with the Russian Communists and developed a political project called Chernorussian movement of the Red Star (ChDKZ). The purpose of this project has armed seizure of state power in Chernarus.

Thus, the political spectrum is represented by two factions:
- Communists, who are trying to restore them power, using the squads of the ChDKZ and the support of the Russians living in Chernarus.
- Democrats, who seek to revive the national culture based on democratic traditions. They use CDF and squads of NaPa.

In autumn 1993, the ChDKZ began the offensive. They seized the eastern region and declared its government and continues to move in a westerly direction into the country. A government army can not quite resist to squads of ChDKZ. Chernarus appealed to NATO for help. The local armed conflict near the border of the European Union worries NATO. Alliance mobilized European and Asian rapid reaction force. Marine Expeditionary Unit sent to the region. An operation codenamed "Harvest-Red" began.

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